For Personal Support


If you would like to support Pirate OS or have other ideas on how to work with us in protecting people, do not be shy.


Have simple questions or technical questions please reach out so we can help you protect you.


Discord is where you will find thousands of people you can chat with about issues or ideas. Most of our Pirates hang out here.

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Common Queries and Questions

1. What prices are your services?
You're in luck... it's free !!!
2. What is your privacy policy?
Mind your own business and we shall do the same.
3. What size thumb drive should I use ?
8 gigs are recommended. 4 gigs is minimum.
4. How Many Pirate Lost Their Lives Creating This Project?
At this point, we do not know, but the sharks have been well fed for days.
5. What support options are available?
The best and most immediate support would most likely be on Discord. Telegram is a good option as well but may be slower.
google Rufus.... or download it here :P
Email Us for Questions Involving Partnership, Large Donations, and Your Pirate Ideas.